Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations (since 2004)


Name Title Degree Year
Matthias Erlacher Probing ribosomal peptidyl transferase by nucleotide analog interference Mag.rer.nat 2004
Thomas Ringer Experimentelle Identifikation kleiner Proteine Mag.rer.nat. 2005
Patrice Vitali Identification of novel C/D and H/ACA RNAs and functional studies of a brain specific C/D RNA, MBII-52 Dr.rer.nat 2005
Nina Clementi Molecular details of GTPase activation of EF-G on the ribosome Mag.biol. 2006
Melanie Amort Molecular insights into translation termination Mag. biol. 2007
Monika Madej Identification and characterization of small non-coding RNA candidates from mitochondria of Mus musculus and kinetoplastid protozoa Dr.rer.nat. 2007
Notburga Weisleitner Untersuchungen zur molekularen Basis der ribosomalen Stereoselektivität Mag.rer.nat. 2007
Birgit Lung Identifizierung von kleinen nicht-protein-kodierenden RNAs in Nicotiana tabacum Chloroplasten Dr.rer.nat. 2007
Maren Fischer Molecular basis of A-site substrate stereoselectivity of the peptidyl transferase centre 2008
Christoph Jöchl Analysis of the small ncRNA transcriptom in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus fumigatus Dr.rer.nat. 2008
Matthias Erlacher Ribosomal peptide bond formation: From atomic mutagenesis to catalytic models PhD 2008
Jan Mrazek The identification and functional characterization of ncRNAs in EBV infected cells PhD 2008
Andreas Ploner Methods for functional analysis of non-coding RNAs Dr.rer.nat. 2008
Constanze Nandy Molekularbiologische Untersuchung des Vault Protein Komplexes Mag. biol. 2008
Simone Kreutmayer The role of small non-coding RNAs in HIV infection Dr.rer.nat. 2008
Paul Vögele Molecular characterization of ribosomal E site functions in Thermus aquaticus Mag. biol. 2009
Anna Chirkova Atomic mutagenesis of RNA nucleotides in the catalytic center of the bacterial ribosome PhD 2010
Nina Clementi GTPase activation on translational G proteins: Who pulls the trigger? PhD 2010
Roland Hutzinger Non-coding RNAs in Epstein-Barr virus infection PhD 2010
Hubert Muckenhuber Identifizierung leistungsbestimmender microRNAs in der Maus (Mus musculus) Mag. biol. 2010
Matthias Misslinger Identification of regulatory and neuro-specific ncRNAs by custom microarray analysis Mag. biol. 2014
Thomas Hoernes Characterizing the protein composition of the brain-specific snoRNP MBI-36 Mag. biol. 2014
Paul Huter Investigation of the decoding process by chemically engineered ribosomes Mag. biol. 2014
Pius Schrode Unravelling decoding using chemically engineered ribosomes MSc. 2015
Matthias Fink DNA translating ribosomes MSc. 2016
Rimpi Khurana Identification of differentially expressed non-coding RNAs in human diseases PhD 2017
Simon Hoser Mitochondrial-derived tRNAs: a novel mechanism of gene expression regulation? MSc. 2018
Felix Kurzemann Challenging the dogma: translation of deoxy codons by randomly mutated ribosomes MSc. 2018
Daniel Köstner Regulatory mRNA modifications: Mammalian translation elongation under scrutiny MSc. 2018