Core Facility Deep-Sequencing


(Head: Univ. Prof. Dr. Alexander Hüttenhofer, scientific support: Dr. Anne Krogsdam)

The Division of Genomics and RNomics supports a core facility for sequencing at the Medical University of Innsbruck. Instrumentation owned by the facility, includes a 16-capillary sequenator from Applied Biosystems (ABI 3100). The facility offers to the scientific community of Innsbruck (i. e. institutes, clinics, companies, etc.) to run their own sequencing reactions on the ABI 3100. In addition, two high-throughput sequencing devices are available at the core facility. The first one is an Ion Torrent Sequencer (Life Technologies), able to sequence several hundred Mb/run with 100-400 bp read length, and thus ideally suited to perform targeted sequencing of genes and gene mutations as well as fungal, bacterial or mitochondrial whole genome/transcriptome analysis. The SOLID 5500 XL deep-sequencing machine expands the sequencing capacity, beyond that of the Ion Torrent Sequencer, to the range of about 120 Gb and can be employed for whole genome/transcriptome studies of higher eukaryal genomes, including human whole genome and transcriptome sequencing. This opens new venues in medical applications such as cancer genomics and personalized medicine. Bioinformatical support is provided by the Division of Bioinformatics (Head: Prof. Z. Trajanoski). For further information, see our website at:


ABI 3100

Ion Torrent



Group Members

Dr. Alexander Hüttenhofer, Dr. Anne Krogsdam and Martina Hoelzl